Dan Patterson; fascinated with flight his entire life employs his skills and talents as a designer and photographer to look at aviation in a different light.  Over 30 books published which have been met with international acclaim and honored in 2003 as the National Aviation Hall of Fame’s first winner of the Harry B. Combs Award for Excellence in the Preservation of Aviation History.


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My studio wall contains collected tidbits from the international travels experienced while working on the Aviation Century project.

Here you'll find collected stories ,blog entries and the text for all the radio aviation commentaries I have done for the NPR Station WYSO, 91.3

The last photo on the last page of the Aviation Century. We collected an enormous amount of stuff and thought we would take a page and share some of that.

Sand and soil from Kitty Hawk, North Carolina and Le Mans, France.











Sand from Omaha Beach in Normandy and Anzio, Italy